Saturday, October 22, 2011

#114 & 115 - My favourite things

These are two of my shoe saves from Week 35 of the Shoe Challenge.

I have so many clothes in beautiful colours and fabrics and prints, because I have a lot of clothes in general, and also because I tend to dress up more than most people. I don't usually have favourites, as I have so many things I like. But these are a couple of items of clothing I've bought lately that I really love.

1. Kate Spade cityscape/skyline skirt.
How great is this? When you look at it up close, it's just a simple white print on black, but it's so effective. It's a really interesting, unique design.

My shoes are from Kate Spade too. As nice as they are, I was kind of expecting them to be a bright pink when I ordered them, rather than the fuchsia they actually are. Strangely enough, this has happened to me twice with shoes in the past month!

2. Ojay rainforest print dress
This is probably my favourite dress to wear at the moment, as the print is so amazing. I was told that it's based on photos taken by the designer, and it reminds me of places I like to go hiking. When I wear it, I feel like I'm taking a little bit of the rainforest with me everywhere I go :)

These are very simple ballet flats from Diana Ferrari, but sometimes with a great dress you don't need fancy shoes :)

#110, 111, 112 & 113 - Week 34

Week 34 of the shoe challenge! The number of participants submitting photos seems to have decreased a bit lately, maybe because most people have saved all of their shoes already? I still have a fair few pairs to go, but I am getting fairly close to the end! I'm sure a few more pairs will arrive before the end of the shoe year, though :)

Someone made the comment to me recently that I don't seem to have any colours I prefer, and I wear a wide variety of colours. That's true, and it's easy to find colourful clothes these days with the trends for colour blocking and bright colours. I have traditionally worn more pink and blue than anything else, but I'm really starting to gravitate towards colours like green and yellow lately.

Anyway, here's a lovely silk skirt I bought from one of my favourite stores at the moment, Jigsaw. Top from Forever New.

I actually don't know what brand these shoes are. I bought them from a Chinese store in town the other day. I went there with a couple of friends as they wanted to look for shoes, but somehow I was the only one who actually ended up buying anything!

This was a particularly pink outfit, even for me. The cardigan and skirt are both from Alannah Hill. I wore this because Alannah herself was going to be at my local store, but in the end I didn't end up going to see her...

These are some of my beautiful Miu Miu shoes. Such a perfect colour and style :)

I felt like I stood out a bit too much in this yellow-themed outfit, but I find that yellow is such a cheerful colour and I really like to wear it. I think I'm technically only supposed to wear pale yellow (according to my colour season), but I think that this bright yellow doesn't look too bad on me either! Cardigan from Karen Millen, top from Kookai and skirt from Cue.

These shoes are from Anne Klein, and I love how bright and colourful they are, even though they are slightly too big for me.

I wore quite a bit of yellow this week! I went to the beach again on the weekend, and I wore this dress from Anthropologie and cardigan from Portmans.

Shoes from Asos. I have another pair in a pale green colour, which I wore just recently as part of the shoe challenge :)

#106, 107, 108 & 109 - Week 33

I'm a horrible blogger; I've gotten so far behind with posting my shoe challenge photos, let alone anything else. I'll try to catch up this weekend!

I don't think I'd ever worn this first outfit together until my sister borrowed the top and skirt and wore them together. It made me realise how well they match! (The colours are more similar than they look in the photo). Both are from one of my favourite local brands, Review.

I love wearing white (although it probably doesn't look great on me, considering how pale I am), so I can never have too many pairs of white shoes! When I bought these ones from Enzo Angiolini, I expected them to be as uncomfortable as my pink heels from the same brand, but they're actually not too bad.

This is a dress from Modcloth, which is a little too big for me, as dresses usually are. But I just love the print, so I'll keep wearing it anyway.

I've never been a fan of wedges, but I'm really starting to like them. They're a good alternative to heels on the weekends (because if I wore heels on the weekend, I'm sure that just about everyone I know would think it strange or overly dressy). These ones are from Urban Soul at Myer. I love the pale nude colour.

I went to a flower festival with a friend wearing this dress (also from Modcloth, and also too big for me!). I love gardens, and I go there every year if I can.

I wore some Marc Jacobs flats I bought in Canada last year, and all I'm going to say is that Marc Jacobs ought to pay for my podiatry bills when I'm older!

This is a lovely silk skirt I bought from D&G in their recent Summer sale (cardigan from Review and shirt from Cue). I originally wanted some shoes in this print, but they sold out everywhere in my size so I had to settle for the skirt instead.

Shoes from L&J. I've probably said before that I think slides are generally useless, but they're great to wear the day after you spent a whole day in horribly uncomfortable Marc Jacobs shoes.