Sunday, August 21, 2011

#90, 91 & 92 - Week 27

I felt like I was wearing basically the same dress in 3 different colours for my shoe challenge photos this week. They're all fitted, slightly above knee-length dresses with puff sleeves. I should probably point out that I don't wear a different dress every day - on the days I don't take photos, I re-wear outfits a lot more.

This is a lovely dress I got from Betsey Johnson recently. It has a great print, and really puffy sleeves. It also has a lace-up corset-style back, which I'm not too keen on, as I couldn't get it tight enough and the dress felt a little bit big.
These shoes look almost identical to another pair I saved recently, but just to prove they are actually a different pair, I've taken a photo of both pairs below! (The ones in the photo above are on the right). Do I need two pairs of green-ish peep-toe heels? Probably not...
I wasn't sure about wearing this dress to work. My sister always tells me that it's too much of a body-con style dress. So I ended up wearing it with a long cardigan, which is my usual way of making inappropriate clothes wearable to work.
These shoes are by Guess, and I like the pretty floral pattern, but I don't particularly like the sling-backs. Sling-backs are never very comfortable, in my opinion.
I recently went to a local store I love, Jigsaw, and I was hoping to buy a lovely white dress with a green and brown floral print that I'd been admiring in the window for a while. I was disappointed to see that it was sold out in my size, but I while I was there, I found another dress that I liked even more. I've bought a couple of really great work dresses from Jigsaw.
I had no shoes to match, as I'm not usually a huge fan of green, so I wore these lovely Jimmy Choo shoes I bought from my workmate recently.


  1. those guess slingbacks are really pretty!

  2. Wowee what a bumper catch up weekend! I figured I would just summarise everything into one comment.

    You are doing so well with the shoe challenge, I wish I had your consistency! I went about three or four weeks without a single save just recently.

    You look fantastic in those light pink jeans, what a great style! I reckon you would look amazing in the yellow ones too :-)

    Finally, I am in love with the three dresses in this post. They are all gorgeous, and most definitely office appropriate with one of those handy cardis!

  3. Life's a shoe: Thank you! I like them a lot too, but I think they're slightly too big for me so I don't wear them as often as I'd like to.

    Kerry: Thanks very much! I feel a lot better after catching up on my posts, as it was all getting a bit overwhelming there for a while!

    I'm surprised at how many shoes I've managed to save so far, but I've really been enjoying the shoe challenge and thinking of ways to wear all of the shoes that were just gathering dust in my closet!