Thursday, August 25, 2011

#94 - 50s style

I've noticed that there have been a few retro/vintage-type events happening in my city lately, like retro car shows, vintage markets, etc. Apparently these types of things are really gaining popularity. I love 50s style dresses - most of the dresses I own are 50s influenced in some way - but I haven't been going to these events. I don't wear red lipstick, or style my hair in retro ways, or try to look like a pinup model (I don't have the figure for it!), and it seems like people who do attend these types of events are pretty serious about emulating the whole retro look and lifestyle. I do sometimes think that this is something I could really get involved in, though.

One problem for me is vintage clothes. I don't own any. I don't admit this to people very often, but I have some obsessive-compulsive traits, and I have difficulties even touching second-hand things like clothes, books, etc. I love to look at them, but I probably wouldn't feel comfortable wearing old clothes. I hope I'll be able to get over this eventually. But for now, I'm happy to stick with my new 50s style dresses!

This is a River Island dress (in the same style as a couple of other dresses I bought there this year - at least this one is the right size for me, though!), and it's very sweet and frilly :)

Of course, it's still cold here, so I ended up having to wear a cardigan with it most of the day, which didn't look nearly as good. I don't remember Winter lasting this long in previous years... Surely it must be getting warm again soon.

I hope I haven't saved these shoes already. I wear them a lot, but I can't remember posting about them. Anyway, they're from Melissa, and the bunny is Oswald, who I believe was Mickey Mouse's predecessor :)

Melissa shoes are so cute and comfortable that I think I could be happy with wearing them all the time!

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