Monday, August 22, 2011

#93 - Black Lace

I'm almost back on track with my shoe challenge posts! Well, this was last Friday's outfit. As you can see, I don't really do casual Friday... I think of it more of a chance to wear less businesslike but still dressy clothes, rather than being casual like most other people. After all, we have the weekends to be casual, so why waste a day when you could be wearing something nice? I like to dress up as often as possible. After all, you never know when something special is going to happen, and you want to be ready for it, right? :)

So this was my going out for drinks after work outfit. I have had conversations about this dress previously with my mother and my sister, and both of them have said that it looks like a see-through lace dress with nothing underneath because the underlay matches my skin colour. I suppose I have to agree, but I like this dress, and as they weren't around to stop me, I wore it anyway! (Dress from Ojay).
These are some Marc Jacobs shoes I bought at David Jones a while ago, and I think they work well as 'neutral' type shoes, even though they are slightly sparkly and a pretty peach colour.

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