Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#1 - The Shoeper Shoe Challenge begins!

In honour of Valentine's Day and the first day of the shoe challenge, I decided to wear my second-favourite pair of shoes: my coral red Ferragamos. (Please excuse the weird pose and expression - I have a feeling that the hardest part of the shoe challenge is going to be taking photos of myself!)

This outfit felt very summery, and I am a fan of summer outfits (even in Winter - I don't subscribe to the 'no white after labour day' rule). These are my only Ferragamo shoes, but I love the brand for its elegance and quality, and I'd like to get some shoes in a similar style in black, too. These are actually some of the most comfortable heels I own. My matching nailpolish is from Butter London, which I love because it doesn't contain a lot of the harmful chemicals found in regular nailpolish.

Well, that's one down, and 127 pairs to go!


  1. This is one of the most pretty pair of shoes I've seen. Your outfit makes me long for summer even more!


  2. Very nice! I'm envious you can have your toes out. Still boot weather here. The photo bit is a real pain isn't it!

  3. These shoes are really beautiful and classy. Lucky you have warm weather for Valentine's day!

  4. Thanks for your comments, ladies! I am not sure how to reply under each comment (I'm still having some technical difficulties with this blogging thing!), so I'll try to learn for next time. Most of my shoes are actually peep-toes, which is great for summer but not so great for winter, so I might have to work on my winter shoe collection this year!