Saturday, February 19, 2011

#4 - The "last pair", and new shoes!

The story of these shoes is that of the irresistible "last pair". I went to David Jones and saw these Marc Jacobs shoes on sale, and when I picked them up and had a look underneath, I saw that they were not only my size, but they were marked as the last pair. Surely that was a sign that I needed to buy them!I really like Marc Jacobs shoes - I own about 6 pairs - but they're not very comfortable. This is the only pair that I really like wearing, because they're not as horribly uncomfortable as all my other MBMJ shoes. I suppose it doesn't help that I'm a half size, and for some reason I'm not usually able to find Marc Jacobs shoes in my size, so I usually have to buy half a size to big or too small. This was my outfit for after-work drinks. The dress is from Review, an Australian brand I love. (I know, I keep wearing black after posting about how I don't wear black. I'll try to be more colourful next week!)

I finally managed to get to the post office and pick up my new shoes that had been stranded there all week.

I don't know why it took me so long to order these, as I've wanted them since I first saw them. I should probably have gotten a more practical colour, like the cream or peach, but I fell in love with the green ones. I can't wait to wear them, even if I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with.


  1. You've got so many lovely shoes! I love the colour of the Marc Jacobs ones and the lace insert at the back of the dress. The cherry shoes are gorgeous too! I've also thinking about buying a pair since I saw them on Shoeperwoman...

  2. Thank you! I already had a couple of pairs of the Melissa/Vivienne Westwood heart heels, but the cherry ones are really cute.

  3. Oh I never saw these Westwood slingbacks in green before! They're sooo lovely!
    And I love the lace insert on your dress.. beautiful)

  4. I hadn't seen those in green, and I'm glad you got them in that colour. They're so cute :D
    You'll figure an outfit out no worries, a simple outfit would be best with a shoe like that :)

  5. ou also, I really like the back of your dress!

  6. Thanks, Tali & Aline! It was quite hard to find these shoes in green, as most sites only seemed to stock the white and/or peach versions. I guess green isn't as popular, but I love how bright they are! (They look like they're almost glowing in this picture!)