Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#7 - Full skirts & injuries

I seem to be very clumsy lately, and I keep injuring myself in strange and unexpected ways. I somehow managed to open a car door into my leg on the weekend, and I have a horrible bruise from it. It actually hurts to wear tight skirts, so I'm sticking with full skirts this week!
My hair looks terrible here, as I took this photo before I'd actually styled it (but don't worry, I didn't leave the house looking like this). Today's shoes are Melissa/Vivienne Westwood flats. I wear these all the time, as they're so comfortable, and they're also good for when it rains (which is most of the time lately).

Today is a bit of a sad day because of the earthquake in New Zealand. A lot of my family lives in New Zealand, but thankfully not near Christchurch, and my thoughts are with those who were affected.

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