Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#48 - Tulle

I finally got around to takng photos of all my shoes, and I hope that this will make it a bit easier to work out which ones I've worn as part of the shoe challenge, and which ones I have yet to wear.
I may not have mentioned it before, but I LOVE tulle skirts. I have rather a lot of them, and although it can be difficult to make them work as part of dressy or casual outfits, I do try! Luckily, this one is quite long, and being black, I think it's suitable to wear to work.

This is also a new top, and I've taken a photo of the back because it's cute (although it's difficult to see as it blends in with my skin colour. There's a little bow at the top, anyway)!I've had these shoes for years, and they're probably some of my oldest heels. I never used to think of them as being low heels, but I just realised when wearing them recently that they're much lower than I usually wear now. I think at some point I may also have walked through a dusty field while wearing them, so they're not in the best condition. Maybe it was a beach wedding, actually. Anyway, they've seen a lot of wear!

The shoe challenge is starting to make me realise that I need more of certain types of shoes (black and navy shoes, and probably red and pink shoes too, as I've worn almost all of mine already), and fewer of other types (flats, and I've hardly worn any of my green shoes, but that may just mean I need more green clothes!). So it has been useful already!


  1. I love your top. It looks very chic and go together really well with your skirt. Thumbs up!

  2. Love your outfit! I love tulle skirts as well, but I'm not brave enough to wear them here in Germany :( The Shoe Challenge really does help me also to realise what types of shoes I have too many of (flats!I never realised I had that many...) and which ones I would like to have more of (black patent...)

  3. Thanks, Zala and Julia! I did like this outfit, although it ended up being quite cold and I had to wear a cardigan with it.