Friday, May 20, 2011

#58 & #59 - Wintery

I need to find a new place to take my photos. My regular place isn't working for me anymore, as it's too dark, despite being the brightest place in the house! My outfit wasn't nearly as dark as it looks here - you can't even see that my shoes are purple! Anyway, this is part of the reason why I didn't end up submitting any photos to the shoe challenge this week (aside from the fact that I just didn't get around to it), because they all turned out looking so bad!
I noticed that this dress looks almost exactly the same as the one I wore in my last post, but it is actually different! I bought this (purple) one before the other (pink) one, but I liked the pink one better, so I ended up with two very similar dresses.
My shoes are purple suede, from Milana.
My sister always borrows my clothes. She likes to buy completely impractical clothes for herself, like capes and bandage dresses, so she hardly has any clothes that are actually suitable for work. Lately I've started borrowing some of her clothes too, like this Zara skirt which I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing lately.
I had to wear a coat with this outfit, as it was freezing! (Well, not 'freezing' exactly, but probably under 20 degrees, and that's cold for us here!)
This is the second-most boring pair of shoes I own. I bought them in Canada really cheaply, because I thought I needed a plain pair of black shoes. Buying shoes because I think I should never really works out for me, as I don't end up wearing them because I don't really like them. These are quite practical though.


  1. I agree with not buying things just because you think you should - if you don't like it, you won't wear it. That said, I like these black shoes. They are plain but the shape is nice and they can be part of great outfits.

  2. Yes, I am finding that I don't have nearly enough plain, black shoes! The shoe challenge is quite useful, as it's helped me realise things like this. As much as I love multicoloured shoes, they just don't work with everything.