Monday, May 23, 2011

#60 & #61 - Cherries & Mice

Ever since I got my Melissa/Vivienne Westwood cherry shoes, I've been trying to think of a way to wear them. I suppose green plastic heels aren't really the easiest of shoes to match with an outfit. I ended up with one of my usual matchy-matchy outfits, which I wasn't really happy with, but at least it didn't contain any black! I've discovered it's hard to put together a Winter outfit without at least one black item of clothing, but I'm trying to avoid it as much as I can.
These shoes are adorable! I love them, and will definitely have to work out ways to wear them more often.
I wear nail polish all the time, and I buy new nail polish quite often too, even though I usually only wear shades of peach & pink. I'm always looking out for the perfect shades, and I think I have finally found the perfect shade of peach (Chanel Miami Peach).
This outfit was based around my nail polish, which is Max Factor Angel Nails - I'm loving this one at the moment! It's silvery, but with a pink/purple undertone.
It wasn't a terribly exciting outfit, but I figure I can't wear pink every day. Dress from Ojay, cardigan from Alannah Hill, & shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs.
More mouse flats! I bought these sometime last year. I've always wanted some of the black pony hair ones with beige accents, but I suppose these are in a more practical colour combination for me.
Here I am with my baby Nemo outside that afternoon. Poor Nemo had to go to the cat dentist recently and get 2 teeth taken out, so he's been acting like more of a baby than usual!
I feel like I've been in a bit of a rut lately with my outfits, probably because I'm not buying anything new! I love shopping. Not just buying, but browsing and comparing, and trying clothes on, and getting good deals on purchases. So I am really looking forward to being able to shop again next week!


  1. Those shoes are so pretty - both of them. I really want the cherry ones in white. Do you think they're true to size?

  2. I've never seen those Melissa shoes in green before, they are fabulous. What a good idea too to try and not wear black during the winter months, I always find my wardrobe looks significantly darker when I do the Autumn changeover.

  3. Thanks so much, BetinApple! I love the cherry shoes. My usual shoe size is 38.5, and I wear a 39 in Melissa flats, but a 38 in the heels, so I think the heels run fairly true to size but maybe slightly large.

    Thanks Louise! I had a hard time finding these shoes in green, as most stores only stocked them in the peach and white versions. I find that I do still end up wearing a bit of black most days, but I try when I can to replace it with white or grey instead :)

  4. I love the shoes on his feet looks great dear