Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#62 - Fail

Well, I've officially failed no shopping month. In my defense, I did start it in late April, so I've probably done it for about a month by now anyway. I bought these Miu Miu shoes:
They're such a pretty pink colour, but the silver studs on the bows make them slightly less girly. They were on sale! And I'd been admiring them for so long, waiting for them to go on sale. They were also the last pair in the store (and a half size smaller than I usually wear, but they fit), so I had to buy them, really. I still feel bad, though. I've decided I'm going to be better with spending money from now on, and try not to use my credit card and to stick to a budget (ugh, as much as I hate the 'b' word).

I felt a bit better about today's outfit than I have done about some of my other recent outfits. Probably because it's a new flowery dress, and I can never have too many of those! My sister bought this for me for my birthday. Dress by Review, cardigan & belt by Alannah Hill, shoes by Asos.

I love this bow belt - so cute!I was going to wear red shoes with this outfit, but it did look a bit too red overall, so I opted for these simple white flats from Asos instead. I have to make the most of fine days by wearing satin shoes, because we don't get a lot of them these days!


  1. Don't feel bad about buying those shoes, they are too gorgeous! And especially if you wanted them for a long time you surely would have regretted not buying them forever. Your outfit is beautiful as usual - I especially like the cute belt with the dress!

  2. I'm so late with replying to comments, but I just wanted to say thank you! I haven't worn my new shoes yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I am glad I bought them, as you're right - I'm sure I would've regretted it if I hadn't!