Thursday, June 2, 2011

#63 & #64 - The end of an era

So far this week, I've worn flat black shoes every day. I've also worn the same shoes two days in a row. These are not things I normally do, but at the end of last week, I moved offices. I actually transferred to a different department about a year ago, but because we had 'accommodation issues', I didn't actually get to move until now. For a long time, I was sitting with my assistant and two other guys who weren't even in the same section as us, and nobody cared what I wore. I didn't see my bosses most days, and the industry I work in is pretty casual anyway (the industry my clients are in, I should say).

But as of this week, I'm sitting in a office with about 30 other lawyers, most of whom I'd never met before. There are a couple of ladies who dress in a classic, stylish way that I admire, but pretty much everyone else wears black business clothes. So I'm not dressing in my usual way, and I'm finding it a bit depressing, because dressing up for work is something I've always enjoyed. When I talk to my friends and family about it, they all tell me to be myself and wear what I want, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that yet. Hopefully that might change in time, but at the moment, I don't want to stand out too much,and I certainly don't want to seem unprofessional.

Anyway, here are a couple of outfits I wore last week, before the move.

I'm not sure how I feel about midi skirts. I like the idea of them, but I think they have the potential to make you look shorter, and so they're not always flattering. I don't know if I'll be wearing this one again, as it's my sister's. (Please excuse the awful photo).
Cardigan from Anthropologie, top from Kookai, skirt from Review & shoes from Wittner.

I think these shoes are basically re-coloured copies of some Prada shoes. I've noticed since I've started buying designer shoes that there are designer copies everywhere. It makes it really difficult for me to buy cheap shoes anymore! I like the colours of these ones, though.
This is another outfit that was quite boring, but I've been trying to get through some of my more difficult to match shoes lately.
Top from Anthropologie, skirt from Country Road & shoes from Berverly Feldman.

These are cute shoes, but I'll remember if I buy any more from this brand to get a half-size smaller!
Here I am wearing my cat. He looks slightly possessed here, but he's very warm and soft :)


  1. I have those same worries as I am just starting out in journalism. I don't exactly wear standard office attire and tend to stick out a bit for my colourful/vintage influenced attire. But blogging is actually helping me to just own it and let people think what they will!

    I personally find it so refreshing that you still express yourself through fashion in what is often perceived as a very formal and ultimately plainly dressed profession. So I hope you can start feeling fabulous again before long!

  2. Aww your cat is so cute :)He looks great on you :P

  3. Don't worry what other people think! It's a good thing that you stand out, they will notice you immediately and maybe compliment on your outfit :) I would if I worked in your office! ;)

  4. Oh, and if I may say: I think your midi skirt would look better if you tuck in your t-shirt :)

  5. Thanks very much, Kerry :) I don't mind standing out a bit (as long as it's not in a bad way!), and I'm not about to start wearing all black like everyone else. I guess I'm just a bit uncertain at this stage, not knowing everyone and what's expected. I'm sure I can find a compromise so that I can still wear clothes I like, while dressing in a suitable way for work.

    Thank you, Dora! Nemo does make a good fur stole :)

    Thanks, Siel! One good thing about moving is that there are a lot of girls around who do compliment me on my outfits, and the guys at my previous office didn't usually do that! I agree with you about tucking in my top, too - I realised that after I looked at the photos! (Photographing your outfit really can be useful!)