Sunday, June 19, 2011

#67 - Sale time!

The mid-year sales this year have been pretty good, and apparently it's because of the state of the economy (I hear that people haven't been shopping as much lately? I don't know about that, because aside from my no shopping month, I have been!). Anyway, on Friday I didn't get around to taking a photo of my outfit in the morning, and when I was trying on some clothes at a department store during my lunch break, I had the idea to take my shoe challenge photo then! (It's a weird photo, but at least I took one. You can also see some of the dresses I bought in the background).
Yes, I am wearing jeans! I don't wear jeans too often, and I never usually wear them to work, but I thought I would do casual Friday for once, as I didn't have to go to court, and I was going out ice skating after work (and I find that's easier to do in pants than a dress).

I think these might be the first boots I've saved as part of the shoe challenge? I really like them, because they're such a lovely colour. As you've probably noticed, I like colourful shoes, so I hardly ever wear boots (because they're generally so boring). I was really happy to find these ones recently.
We've had such nice weather this weekend - it's just a pity that it's so cold outside! I went into town today, and this is an artificial beach in the city. We had bad flooding here earlier in the year, and as it's next to the river, the beach was destroyed. I'm glad it's been re-built.


  1. Love these boots, They are al kinds of awesome.

  2. Thank you, Emma! I'm not normally a huge fan of boots, but I do like these ones. Hopefully I can get through my other pairs of boots by the end of Winter too!