Saturday, June 18, 2011

#66 - Pucci and bad shopping experiences

It's sale time, and I've been doing too much shopping lately (but I figure that even if I have to go over my budget this month, I will have saved money in the long term by buying things on sale, right?). I have gotten a few really good deals though, and now that I'm in a more conservative environment at work, I'm trying out some different outfits (so I do need new clothes!).

I've been thinking about it, and some of my fashion icons are people like Lady Gaga and Anna dello Russo. It's not so much that I'd like to dress like them, but more that I really admire them for being themselves, and for daring to be different. I have been 'censoring' myself lately in relation to my work outfits, and while while I probably should give up on wearing tulle skirts and plastic heels to work, I definitely don't want to start wearing shapeless grey dresses every day. So I'm trying to dress a bit more conservatively overall, but slowly introduce more colours and prints, and hopefully people will start to realise that I do have a lot of shoes, and I do wear heart print tights and pink cardigans, and they won't be too freaked out if I turn up in a red spotty skirt or patent orange shoes.

Anyway, I've saved a couple more pairs of shoes for the shoe challenge this week. I haven't been saving many lately, so I hope I'll still get through them all by next February.
I love these shoes! They're from Pucci, and the colours are perfect (grey, black, white, pink & purple) because they match so many things I wear. I am also liking grey tights lately.
I only know of one shop in my city that sells Pucci shoes, and I don't like to go there because it's a small, fancy boutique, and the shop assistants there never speak to me! It irritates me, because I only ever go into the store when I'm dressed nicely and wearing designer shoes, but for some reason, the ladies working there don't seem to think I'm worth their time. Bad service in stores is something that makes me want to stop going there. I realised just recently that if I don't get approached by sales assistants in stores, I usually won't buy anything. Anyway, if they don't want me to spend money in their store, it's their loss!


  1. I know just what you mean about snobby sales assistants. There's this shop in Melbourne on Collins St where they don't talk to you unless you're dressed nicely, and if you try on a pair of shoes, and don't buy them, they practically chase you out of the store...

  2. Thanks petty. I agree, it's really rude when sales assistants treat customers like that. I'm starting to think that good service in stores just doesn't exist anymore!