Sunday, June 12, 2011

#65 - New hairstyle, and pants!

I should've saved a couple of pairs of shoes in the shoe challenge over the past week or so, but I haven't had time to take photos! I'm not a morning person, and getting up in time for work in Winter is never easy for me, so I rarely get up early enough to be able to take photos before I leave. Anyway, I did manage to save one pair of shoes in the end.
I've probably mentioned it before, but I'm completely useless with hair and make-up, so I'm rather proud of myself that I've managed to introduce a new hairstyle recently - the bun! It's quick and easy, and keeps my hair out of my face, so I'd say it's been a success so far!
The colours look a bit off in the photo, but these are some multi-coloured shoes (mostly grey & red) from Nine West.

I didn't take this next photo for the shoe challenge (I'm actually wearing some boots I borrowed from my Mum - I need more boots!), but I just had to post it because I'm wearing PANTS! This may never happen again! My workmates were quite surprised when I turned up wearing this on Friday, because they've only ever seen me wear pants to work once before (when someone dared me to). But the weather's been freezing here lately, and I find it easier to layer clothes when you're wearing pants. I feel really boring wearing outfits like this, but I did try to make it look a bit more girly with my pussy-bow blouse and hair and make-up.
In other news, my kitty Nemo has made a friend! Isn't she cute?
I don't think he knew what to make of her, as he'd never had a girl follow him home before! I might have to take him to visit her again today :)


  1. I like your new hair style, it looks great on you. I'm also a fan of the bun, especially in summer.

  2. The hairstyle looks really good on you! I'm so untalented with my hair, so it's mostly down. Anyway, I love the first outfit a lot, the combination of those tights and shoes looks so good! It makes me want to try something like that too next winter!