Friday, June 3, 2011

Work dresses

I'm so glad that my 'no shopping month' is over. On the first day of June, I went out and bought two dresses straight away! This is one of them, and I'd been wanting to buy it for so long! It's from Jigsaw, which I think is a local brand, and I love the colour and style. It's got me thinking that dressing in a more appropriate way for work doesn't necessarily have to be boring. Most work dresses are ugly (because they're dull and black/grey), but there are plenty of nice ones out there too.
(This isn't really a shoe challenge post, as I've worn these shoes before. But I don't think I submitted a picture of them to the weekly round-up, so maybe I'll do that this weekend with this outfit).

Here are some other work dresses in pretty colours that I've found:

I think all of these dresses would be suitable for work, yet they're still pretty and colourful. I'm trying to think of this change in offices in a positive way. It may mean that I'll have to stop wearing tulle skirts and excessive amounts of pink/red to work, but maybe I can start wearing some new outfits, too. I don't usually wear dresses in this fitted style, but I could probably get used to it.


  1. You look equally gorgeous in fitted dresses! I hope you won't be forced to give up on wearing colourful clothes. The usual black/grey/beige office clothes are so dull and boring to look at - I think wearing something colourful makes people much more cheerful and happy :)

  2. Adore the dress!! The fight is great on you, and you look amazing! :D

  3. The scalloped edged dress is my favourite. Lovely colour and lovely fit.