Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winter Coats

Winter has come early for us this year, so I think it's definitely time to start looking for some new coats. I'd like to get a couple of new coats that are fitted and in pretty colours, but probably nothing too 'frou frou', as I have enough of that with my clothes and shoes! Here are some possibilities that I've found so far.

Alannah Hill pink coat
This coat is perfect, but unfortunately, I think it's sold out already. I'll check my local store soon, but I may have lost out on getting it because of my no shopping month :( I just love the shape and the colour, and the rose buttons are so cute.

Alannah Hill navy coat
The neckline of this coat is really interesting, and I find that navy is a very practical colour for me. My sister and I both want to buy this one!

Karen Millen red coat
I'm not sure if this is exactly the same red coat from Karen Millen that I've seen in my local store, but if not, it's very similar. I'm told that the top part zips off so it can be worn as a short jacket, too. I'm not too sure how I feel about red, but the style is lovely.


  1. I'm loving the Karen Miller red coat :)

  2. Thanks girls! I actually did end up buying a coat today, but it wasn't any of these. I think I could still do with another one, though :)

  3. The second and third one!
    Are they available online somewhere?

  4. Hi Siel, the navy coat is from Alannah Hill & they do have an online store (not sure where they ship to though): The red coat is from Karen Millen (a UK brand), but I haven't been able to find this coat available online anywhere :(

  5. I have the red myself, so obviously I love it (like pretty much all things Karen Millen), but that navy one is really stunning as well!