Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#102 - How to spot a fake

On this day, I wore a dress from Kate Spade. Or did I? Here are the reasons for and against it being an authentic dress:

For: It has the same type of zip, tag, and lace on the inside hem as my other Kate Spade dresses and skirts, and it seems like a very well-made, good quality dress. It also looks just like the dress on the official web store.

Against: I bought it from an ebay seller in Hong Kong for a price that was almost too good to be true considering that it's only a fairly new item. It's supposed to be silk but doesn't look or feel like it to me. There are lots of them for sale on ebay, which isn't usually the case with Kate Spade dresses.

I don't really mind if it is a fake, as I love it, and it almost fits me properly (which is a nice change for Kate Spade clothes, as they usually run quite large).

I suspect that the reason so many of these dresses are popping up on ebay is that Zooey Deschanel wore this dress to a recent movie premiere.

And I see that Emma from Glee wore this dress in one of the Season 3 promo videos, too. So it seems quite popular, and for good reason, too - it's really pretty :)

I can't say as much about my shoes, though. Even though I'm technically 'saving' them here, I will probably get rid of them, along with every other pair of slides I own, because they are completely useless shoes. They're not comfortable, practical, or particularly attractive, and the only real use they have is saving your feet from further pain if you've hurt them by wearing shoes that rub on your heels.

Through doing the shoe challenge, I've realised that a lot of my shoes have been impulse buys. Hopefully this will make me think more carefully about my shoe purchases in future!


  1. There was a bag version of that dress in the recent flash sale on the Kate Spade website! I'd highly recommend buying directly from her website (you definitely know it is genuine), plus she has pretty good sales and there is 15% off everything (including sale items) at the moment if you sign up for her mailing list :)

    I was really tempted to buy a Kate Spade dress from ebay that I saw but then after some googling, decided against it. It was the Jillian dress (the classic sleeveless one with the bow in the middle) but in the candyshop (rainbow) print. Turned out that particular seller was renown for selling fakes (someone blogged about it), in addition, I'm pretty sure the candyshop print was never cut in the Jillian style (it was only ever done as the Jeanette shirt dress I think) so in the end, I decided not to get it.

    I can't believe how quickly and accurately the people who make fakes do it! It makes me wonder whether they are sneaking away bits of fabric and patterns from the actual Kate Spade factory - I am also hoping that this factory has better conditions than most and aren't ill treating their workers.

    Sigh, I've watched too many documentaries and thought about IP too much. Sometimes it's better not to know!

  2. Who was the seller on ebay? I love this dress!