Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Stiletto Run

I've been looking into going to the horse races with some friends, and while I was doing some online research earlier this week, I came across a race of a very different kind: the 2011 Stiletto Run!

I've heard of these events happening elsewhere in the world, and apparently this is the second annual Stiletto Run we've had here. Basically, it involves contestants running 80 metres in heels!

It's being held on 22 October, and here are some of the details from the Brisbane Racing Club website:

  • The winner will receive $5000 cash
  • Registrations are open to eligible entrants (yes that includes males and females)
  • Registration will include entry to the races and the Stiletto Run plus a tee and donation to charity
  • To be eligible to compete, Stiletto Run contestants must be wearing heels with a minimum height of 7cm and 1.25cm in diameter (NB. Shoes cannot be taped to the foot. Contestants cannot compete in athletic shoes, altered with a heel. No wedges)
  • All contestants will be required to sign a waiver
Is it bad that I want to do it?! I'm sure it can't be very safe (note the last point above) - I'd probably break an ankle, or maybe a shoe. But it raises money for charity, and I could do with $5000! I'll consider it, but even if I don't enter, maybe I'll go to watch. I like running, and I've started running daily again, just in case :)

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  1. I've heard of this event too, and if it were anywhere near me, I'd definitely want to take part! Running in heels wouldn't be a problem - I often need to run in heels since I'm mostly late for the train :) You should give it a try if you feel like it, it sounds like a lot of fun and maybe you could even win a prize. I'd love to see a blog post about it!