Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#99 & 100 - Week 30

I can't believe I've saved 100 pairs of shoes already! I'd better do a re-count sometime, just to make sure! But it's been fun doing the shoe challenge, and I can often be quite motivated when it comes to doing things like this :)

My first shoe save for this week was so boring that I didn't bother submitting it to Shoeperwoman, but it's interesting how you sometimes get compliments on the most ordinary shoes. I have a friend at work whose favourite colour is purple, and she loved these shoes, even though they are only simple flats.

Shoes from Tony Bianco.

My second shoe save for the week was (in my opinion) much more interesting, but I just have to talk about this dress for a while first! I don't know how many dresses I have now, but there are an awful lot of them, and I buy at least one every week. But I can probably count on one hand how many comfortable dresses I own. Most of them are too tight in some places, or I'm constantly worrying about them being too short, or too low cut (even though most of my dresses are pretty conservative, really).

When I tried this rather simple dress on the other day (mainly because it's my favourite colour), I didn't like how it looked so much as I liked how comfortable it was! So I had to buy it, even though it is slightly too big for me (that's the story of my life, I might add). It's from Fleurette, which I think is a new label by Fleur Wood.

J Crew is one of my new favourite places to shop! Although their clothes are mostly fairly basic pieces, I've found them to be really good quality, and useful pieces to add to your wardrobe. (The only problem I've had so far is that I somehow thought I was a US size 2, and I've since learned that I'm not. At least I'll know for next time). These J Crew Mona pumps come pretty close to being a perfect shoe for me. I want to buy them in as many colours as possible! They're simple, but they go with everything :)

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  1. Congratulations on saving a hundred pairs! Wish I was that far! How many do you have left to save now?