Sunday, July 10, 2011

#69 - Tights & peep-toes

Do you wear tights with open-toe shoes? I wouldn't have in the past, but I have been lately. Partly because I realised at the beginning of Winter that about 95% of my shoes are open-toe, so I'd have very few shoe options in cold weather if I didn't do it. And also, they did it at Prada last year, so I think that makes it ok!
In fact, at Prada they wore socks with sandals! I don't think I'd go that far. (But I do have the shoes above, and I have worn them with tights).

Anyway, it's been ages since I updated, so this is one of my shoe challenge pictures from a couple of weeks ago.I like this dress, but this was the first time I'd worn it (I think my sister had already borrowed it from me twice!). I have so many clothes that I don't get to wear most of them very often. That's probably not a good thing. I haven't even worn a lot of the clothes I have yet, and I'm thinking about selling some of them.

These are some shoes I bought from Betts, and I'm not sure what the brand is. Airflex, maybe? It's strange that most of the heels I've had for a long time feel much lower than I remember them being. I guess I'm getting used to wearing really high heels.

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