Friday, July 29, 2011

#78, 79, 80 - Week 23

I must admit, blogging doesn't really come naturally to me, especially blogging about myself, so I have been a bit slack with updating this blog lately. Anyway, I just wanted to post all of last week's shoe challenge photos so that I can move on to this week's photos!

This was a weekend outfit. I used to dress up during the week and dress down on the weekends, but I'm not dressing down so much anymore. I have so many nice clothes that aren't really work-appropriate, so I'm trying to get some use out of them on the weekends. I have a few pairs of casual boots that I need to save before the end of Winter, too.
Dress by Alannah Hill, jacket by Forever New, and boots by Steve Madden (I think). I just bought these boots in a sale a few years ago. I don't find that I get too much use out of boots, and these aren't the most comfortable ones I have as they're too big for me, but I have already worn them a couple of times this Winter.

This is my new Topshop dress, which I have mixed feelings about. (I was hanging out the washing while holding my cat here, by the way. A bit strange, I know, but I'm trying to vary my standard, boring style of photos!) I do like the style and colour of this dress, but the fabric is strangely scratchy, and the dress doesn't sit very well.
These are some of the cheapest shoes I own, and while I love the colour, I don't like to wear them because I see someone else wearing them nearly every day! I guess that's what happens when you buy cheap shoes.

I was so happy when I went to Myer a couple of weeks ago and saw the first Spring fashions in the store! I love this time of year for clothes. Not only does it mean that Winter is over, and we no longer have to wear thick fabrics and dark colours, but it means that flowery dresses are available everywhere!

This one is from Cue. I have to admit that I've bought 4 dresses from Cue in the past fortnight. I was just admiring the new dresses with a sales assistant on the day I bought this one, and an elderly lady walked past us and commented that the dresses there were just like ones they used to wear 40 years ago, and that sealed the deal for me - I couldn't walk away without buying at least one!
These are shoes from Diana Ferrari that I bought in a David Jones sale a couple of years ago. I somehow managed to spill coffee all over my new dress and my (satin) shoes on this day, but thankfully, it seems to have come out of both the dress and shoes without leaving any marks.

Nemo approves of this dress :)

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  1. Hi! First, your cat. What a crack up he is! I love the photo where you are holding him and you are in the blue jacket (which I love) but he has his back toes all spread wide. He has the exact same annoyed look my cats get all the time. It just cracked me up. Also I really love the picture of the flats with the great shadows and his little tip of the tail in the picture. Just enough so we don't forget he's there. Also, I love the color of the TopShop dress. Too bad it's scratchy.