Thursday, July 14, 2011

#74 - Wedges!

I recently joined Shoeperwoman's Red Wedge Movement. I had never really liked wedges - I only owned one other pair - but when I saw these ones in Myer recently, I was intrigued. I tried one on in the store, but the sales assistant was somehow unable to find the other shoe (this situation is still confusing to me) and they were the last ones in my size. By that stage I was determined to have the red wedges, so I went to other Myer stores until I finally tracked down a pair.

Anyway, the purpose of these photos is to show that I really do leave the house sometimes!
This is me at a beach on the weekend. Not a really nice beach, by Australian standards anyway - just the closest one to our home. I always look ridiculous in photos (especially ones taken by other people), and this is the only one taken on the weekend that I don't totally hate (I've noticed I always seem to be looking down in photos - trying to avoid the photos even while being in them, I guess).
Here are the wedges... They are from Keds. They're cute yet casual and quite low, so I thought they'd be comfortable enough for walking in. They were okay for a while, but on the way back they really started rubbing, and days later, my feet are still hurting! So I think I'll have to stick to boring shoes for long walks from now on.
And here I am sitting on some rocks and looking as uncomfortable as I felt.
Wearing a cardigan to the beach just seems wrong! Surely, Winter must be over soon...


  1. What a cute sweater! I like that you are looking away from the camera in the last picture. It seems only natural that while one sits atop some rocks, they should be looking away and having some deep thoughts. :) What a beautiful location.

  2. I like your wedges because the color is so attractive plus you have paired it with black jeans. Made the wedges stand out. Nice! Might want to share this fashion idea on Lifo. A social network for girls that lets them share their views about beauty and fashion.