Sunday, July 10, 2011

#70, 71 & 72 - A colourful week

I feel like I'm slowly getting back to wearing the clothes I like after a few weeks of trying to be conservative at work. And this means I've managed to go back to saving more pairs of shoes in the shoe challenge, too. People probably think I'm weird, but you can't please everyone. I'd rather be myself and die of boredom wearing grey and black every day.

I love this skirt from Kate Spade. I stalked it for so long, and when it finally went on sale recently, I bought it right away. I was worried that the size 2 would be too big for me and I couldn't get it in a 0, but it fits fine. (It's crazy, because I have a size 0 dress from Kate Spade which is huge on me - I don't even know if my mum is going to be able to fix it so I can ever wear it).
My tights, shoes and cardigan are actually navy rather than black, but it's a bit hard to tell here. I realised when I decided to wear this outfit that I didn't have any suitable shoes to wear with it. I wear a lot of navy, but do you know how hard it is to find navy shoes? On my lunch break, I went to every shoe store in town, and I finally found this pair below, thanks to a very helpful sales assistant. I really like them. They have a retro look about them, and I think I need more shoes in this style! They're from Basque.

The dress below is from Cue (which, if I haven't mentioned it before, is an Australian brand which mainly makes work clothes. They used to have a lot of classic style work clothes, but now have more interesting, modern designs), and while I don't usually wear orange, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I would probably have worn it with orange shoes, but I don't really have any. So I wore it with these rather boring black booties instead. I have to admit that they're useful in Winter, and I have been wearing them quite often lately. They're from Diana Ferrari.
This dress is from Ojay, which I believe is another Australian store. I only really bought it because I'm a shopaholic and it was on sale, but I'm glad I did, because it's a really useful work dress.
I'd never worn these shoes before, even though I've had them for about a year and a half. They're from Mollini, and the unusual colour combination (it's like a peach and blue/turquoise stripe) makes them difficult to match with anything. I've discovered that the best thing to do with shoes like these is to keep your outfit simple, but I always find it hard to do that!
The best thing about these shoes is that the bows are detachable, and they came with 2 sets of bows (the other set is stripy and matches the shoe fabric).


  1. That Kate Spade skirt and the Mollini heels are making me smile. Removable bows is such a fantastic little addition to what are already lovely shoes.

    Glad to see you getting back to your usual wardrobe, can't wait til the day you rock on in to your new office in pink and red!

  2. Thanks Kerry! I did actually wear a pink skirt the next day, and I'm just about to post some pictures. I'm really liking stripes lately - I think I've bought 4 colourblock/stripy skirts recently, and there's at least one more I want to get!

  3. I'm wondering how does the shoe look when you remove the bow :) Love your collection!

  4. Those shoes are fabulous! I would love to see another look with the striped bow too!

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  6. siiiigh i love your bow shoes ..they are sooo pretty!