Monday, April 4, 2011

#36 - Friday

If you're wondering why I'm posting an outfit from Friday on Tuesday, it's because I've been horribly ill with the flu all weekend. I almost never get sick, and when I do, it makes me want to complain constantly, so I thought I'd spare you all and stop posting for a few days. I find dressing for Fridays hard, because I usually have to go to court, and out for drinks after work, and a lot of the time (like this particular Friday), my outfit somehow ends up not being suitable for either of those activities. I just bought this dress the day before, so even if it does look just like another dress I've posted pictures of recently, it's actually a different one. It's again from my favourite store, Review, which was happily having a sale.
I don't particularly like these shoes, and I normally would've worn pink shoes with this outfit, but I think I've used up all of my pink shoes in the shoe challenge already. (Maybe that means I need to buy more?) I bought these shoes to wear to my high school reunion, just because I wanted some shoes that matched my taupe & silver dress. Thinking about it now, I should definitely have worn more fabulous shoes to the reunion... And on the topic of reunions, I would not recommend going. I always said that if I was successful I would go, and although I don't really feel like I am, people do seem to be impressed when you tell them you're a lawyer.

I wish I had the opportunity to go outside and take outfit photos in nice locations like a lot of bloggers seem to do. But unfortunately, when you spend all daylight hours working inside, there's really no chance to do that. I should make more of an effort on weekends.


  1. You have such a collection of great dresses! I come to the blog to see your shoes, but always enjoy your whole outfit! To top it off.. a cat tail in the shoe shot. Fabulous! :)

    I know it is hard to take those outside shots! I keep trying too. At least we have quite a few months to go before the year is over.

  2. Wow I hadn't realised you're a lawyer! That makes your gorgeous outfits all the more interesting because you're not in black and grey power suits all the time :-)

    I'm trying to convince myself that even though I'm starting out as a journalist that doesn't mean I have to dress really boring and inoffensively.

  3. Mother in Heels: Thank you! I find that I'm focussing more on my outfits than what shoes I'm wearing lately, because I'm pretty much taking daily outfit photos for the shoe challenge. I'm realising that I still have a lot of my best shoes to wear... And as for my kitty, he wasn't there when I started taking photos, but he has this way of appearing wherever we are to join in whatever we're doing!

    Kerry: I believe in dressing the way you want even when you're at work (although that might be harder for people who have dress codes or uniforms), and I'm lucky that the place I work is pretty relaxed about these things. I think I do dress pretty conservatively (despite the bright colours, I don't wear short skirts or anything too revealing), so even though I don't dress the same way as a lot of my workmates, I don't think is unprofessional or anything like that. So I'm sure you can still manage to wear pretty clothes as a journalist :) Personally, I love the coloured jackets a lot of reporters & especially newsreaders wear!