Thursday, April 14, 2011

#42 - Lost

I feel a bit sad today, because I lost my bracelet. I ordered a really cute ring and bracelet from Kate Spade and just got them in the mail earlier this week. I wore them for the first time today, and the bracelet had quite a flimsy clasp and kept opening up. I went out to the mall today looking for a light gold or beige belt (which is surprisingly hard to find, I might add), and on the way back to work I realised that my bracelet had fallen off. I don't hold much hope of finding it now, and I don't know whether or not to order another one, because as much as I like it, I wouldn't want to risk losing a second one.

Today's dress is from Cue, which is another Australian brand. They make mostly work wear, and most of their clothes tend to be in dull, dark colours, so I was surprised to find this bright pink dress there in the Christmas sales last year. I think of it more as a 'Friday' dress, but as I couldn't find the dress I'd intended to wear today, I ended up wearing this one. I love dresses in this style, as you can probably tell! My shoes are super cute Love Moschino heart sandals, and I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. I almost didn't end up buying them, because they didn't fit too well because of the diagonal straps, which were too big for my feet in my usual size. They're more special occasion shoes than all-day wear shoes, as they're not the easiest to walk in for any length of time. But their cuteness makes up for that, I think. I never really understand when I go shoe shopping with friends and they try on shoes and deliberate about how comfortable they are. Unless you're shopping for running shoes, I don't think it really matters. I can't really see myself passing up a pair of beautiful shoes just because they're not comfortable!


  1. I'm sorry you lost that cutie of a bracelet.I recently lost my favorite scarf.I know exactly how you feel :)

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your bracelet! Losing things is never fun, but especially something new and adorable. I love almost every piece of Kate Spade jewelry I see. She makes the best things! They always seem to be whimsical and feminine.

  3. These shoes are adorable! As long as they're not painful to wear, being a little uncomfortable is no reason not to get a cute pair in my opinion as well! Most of them can be made easier to walk in with gel cushions ;) Also, I'm sorry to hear you lost the bracelet! Everybody hates losing stuff (I'm very paranoid about that too!) and it was really cute.

  4. Thanks, ladies. It really is awful to lose things - I get pretty stressed out when something goes missing. At least I still have the ring, although I can't look at it now without feeling a bit sad about the bracelet. I am really becoming a fan of Kate Spade. I've recently bought some lovely shoes and a dress from there, too :)