Friday, April 8, 2011

#39 - Stars

I haven't wanted to post any photos this week, because I look so horrendous (I've actually been to the doctor more often than work this week. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon). Anyway, I have a bad feeling at the moment. The kind of feeling you get when you walk into one of your favourite stores when they're having a sale, try on a whole lot of stuff (all of which you love), buy it all, spend $1000, and then walk out of the store thinking "I can't believe I just spent a thousand dollars!". But, in good news, I learned that the shop (Alannah Hill) now has an online store! All of this staying at home in bed with my laptop isn't good for my (non-existant) budget... Anyway, most of my outfit today is from Alannah Hill too. It's a lovely store full of pretty, girly, colourful prints and embellishments. It's worth shopping there just for the decor alone, and the sales assistants, who all wear heels (I hear that they have to!) and red lipstick and the most beautiful outfits.
My shoes are from Gorman, and I love them! (It's funny how I tend to think that whatever pair of shoes I'm wearing that day are the cutest shoes ever, and the next day I think the same thing about the next pair of shoes...) They're so comfortable because they have a thicker heel than most of the shoes I own. I think Gorman is an Australian brand, too. I have realised that I actually wear mostly Australian brands. The reason is not so much that they are my favourites (although in a lot of cases I guess they are), but more because we don't have many international brands available here. We don't have stores like H&M, Zara, Gap & Forever 21 here, even though they exist pretty much everywhere else in the world. Actually, some of these stores are just starting to open in Sydney now (unfortunately I don't live in Sydney). I just heard today that our local Borders store is closing down, and that there's a possibility that Zara may go in in its place, so I hope that's true!


  1. The way I see it Sara, you don't need internationals brands to look beautiful. That style of yours is absolutely unique as gorgeous. I'm always a fan of your outfits (and of Nemo!!)

  2. I can only agree with the previous comment, I just love your style, it's perfect! Although I do love the stores like H&M and Zara we have here in Munich, there's not much else (or rather, other affordable brands) so many people end up wearing the same things. I wish there was more variety here. So I love to see your totally different things and as I said before, you actually make me want to go shopping to Australia!
    Also, I hope you recover soon!

  3. Thanks so much, Danna and Julia! That's so kind of you both :) It's probably lucky that we don't have a huge number of stores here, as I already have too many places to shop!