Monday, April 18, 2011

#44 - Rainy Day

I've noticed the weather getting cooler over the past few weeks, and today was the first day this year that I had to wear tights. (It would have been alright if it had just been either cold or rainy, but as it was both cold AND rainy, the tights had to come out). I was very disappointed about this. I love dressing for Summer, and I am not particurly good at the whole layering thing, or at matching tights/other Winter accessories with my outfits (because we don't get much of an opportunity to do it here). I hope to change that this year, and I think I need to buy about 10 more pairs of tights (once my shopping ban is over) and hopefully I'll manage. I am trying to put off wearing boots for as long as I can, as I only have 3 pairs and that is not going to help me in the shoe challenge. My plan for Winter is to continue wearing my Summer dresses, but with cardigans etc. I really should make an effort to take photos in the mornings, because in the evenings it's dark and I have to use the flash, which looks terrible, and I also look like I've been standing in the rain & have dark circles under my eyes. Not a good look.
These Kate Spade shoes are my most recent shoe purchase (and they'll be my last for a while, considering my current shopping ban). Although I don't often buy black shoes, I saw these ones in David Jones, and I really liked the mesh with polka dots, so I ended up ordering them online (which was much cheaper).


  1. That light pink skirt is just gorgeous and looks lovely on you :)


  2. I loooove those shoes! And I agree about the winter dressing thing, one day it's like summer and the next it's freezing. I just pile on as many layers as possible and hope for the best, haha.

  3. Another stunner Sara! That skirt is the sweetest thing.

    As for winter dressing, I do the same thing. A pair of tights and your summer dresses are good to go!

  4. you said you bought those shoes online, which website you bought?