Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ones that got away...

I had been admiring these shoes on the Kate Spade website for the longest time: I don't know why I didn't buy them. They were $300, but that's not too bad compared to what I've spent on other shoes. I guess it's sometimes hard to prioritise your wishlist. To me, they are the perfect shade of pink. It's so hard to find shoes in this colour, as most pink shoes are either pale pink or dark pink. Anyway, one day when I went back to the Kate Spade site to look at the shoes, they were gone. I searched the internet looking for other stores that might stock them, but I couldn't find any that had this particular colour. I'd only ever seen them on that one website. I even went to David Jones (local expensive department store that stocks Kate Spade) hoping I might be able to buy them there for double their original price, but they didn't have them either (I did, however, find some lovely black mesh heels there). So I think it may be time to accept that I'm never going to get these beautiful shoes. I will still keep searching ebay for them, but I doubt I'll have much luck. Similarly, I had been stalking Review (my favourite local brand) stores over the past few weeks waiting for this 'skirt' to come out, after seeing it on the website: That description underneath wasn't originally there, but as you can see, it is actually a dress, not a skirt. And that normally wouldn't be a problem, however the style of this dress is a v-neck wrap low-fronted type of thing that I don't like and that wouldn't suit me at all. I hope they might release a skirt version too. I even bought a top to match! Well, those are my disappointing shopping stories for the moment!

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