Sunday, April 24, 2011

#47 - Happy Easter!

I wanted to wear something nice for Easter, even though I'm not doing anything much. I went to some markets this morning, as we somehow forgot that the shops were going to be closed for the next 2 days, and we hardly had any food in the house! This is one of two River Island dresses I've bought recently. (I've discovered that UK size 6 dresses are SMALL! I probably could've done with the next size up, especially in the other dress I bought - if I wanted to breathe while wearing it, anyway. This one is fine, but a little tight across the chest, which is not a problem I usually have!) Well, I still have plenty of shoes to wear as part of the Shoe Challenge, but some days I just can't find any to match my outfit (that I haven't already worn), like today.

Don't mind the cat in the picture. This is something that tends to happen a lot - I just have to crop him out a lot of the time! Did you know that cats can apparently make 100 different sounds? He was making a lot of those while I was taking this next photo (most of them rather grumpy-sounding!).

These shoes are from Topshop, and they're cute, although not as comfortable as I'd like a pair of flat shoes to be.

More importantly today, here is the super cute Easter egg my sister gave me:
And here is my cat licking it (I was surprised, as I didn't think cats liked sugar!):

Here it is all smashed up and ready to eat :)
Happy Easter!


  1. Love the Hammer, and I think the dress fits just fine

  2. Very cute kitty!

    I like your outfit, and think the flats are fine, it's a neutral colour so it works

    Talitha xx

  3. Such a pretty dress. Yes a UK 6 is really quite tiny, but River Island do make lovely clothes. x

  4. Happy Easter! Of course I love your cat eating the egg! Mine ate some Pop Tart yesterday that one of the kids didn't finish. I am thinking of starting to post about all the "people food" that he eats. ;)
    Another great dress, and I wish those shoes were more comfortable for you because they are really cute!

  5. Emma: Thanks! I love the hammer too. It's from a girly tool set my mother bought me a while back. Everything in it is flowery!

    Talitha: Thanks! I thought the neutral colours would work well enough together. I probably need more neutral coloured shoes really, as most of mine are bright and patterned, which is not always the best for matching with outfits.

    Louise: I agree; I've seen so many pretty River Island dresses lately. I haven't bought too many clothes from UK brands before, so I'm just getting used to the sizing.

    Courtney: It's so cute that your cat ate some pop tart! I think they just like to eat whatever their people are eating, whether they like it or not!

  6. That easter egg is amazing! I've never seen one like it before! What is it made of? The dress and shoes are really pretty and spring-like.

  7. It's a candy egg, and it's made of very hard candy, which is why you have to use a hammer or something like that to break it. They're probably not too good for your teeth, but they are really nice :)