Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#46 - Blue

After what has felt like the longest and most boring week ever, I am finally on holidays! It's only a few days, but we seem to have several public holidays over the next couple of weeks, so I think there are only 3 more work days until May 3 (which happens to be my birthday, and not a holiday, unfortunately). I'm going away until the weekend, and I'm just hoping it won't rain, as the weather hasn't been too good lately.
I wore another new dress today, which I love! I wish I could say the same about my shoes! I do think they're cute, which is why I've kept them for several years, however I don't think they were actually made to fit human feet. They are impossible to walk in. Slingbacks are never the most practical or comfortable shoes, but with these particular ones, the straps do not stay on the back of my feet at all. You can probably see in the above photo that they've fallen down. It's rather annoying, but as I have so few pairs of blue shoes, I'll probably keep these until I can find another pair to replace them with.

I hope you all have a nice Easter break, and I'll be back posting again in a few days :)


  1. I like your shoes and I totally agree with you - it's very annoying when the straps aren't there where they should be. Sometimes I just want to cut them off :)

    Congratulations on your progress, I only managed to save three pairs :)

  2. Such a shame as they are such pretty shoes.

  3. Aww that sucks, they're so cute! I really like that shade of blue :)

    Happy Easter!

  4. Do you have a birthday outfit and shoes planned yet? :)

  5. Thanks girls! I once bought some Dr Scholl's slingback strips that are supposed to help with keeping slingback straps on, but they don't work at all, unfortunately.

    Courtney, I actually hadn't thought about a birthday outfit yet, so thanks for mentioning it! I think I do have a dress in mind, although I can't find any shoes to wear with it that I haven't already used in the shoe challenge. (If only I wasn't on a shopping ban I'd buy some new ones, but I'll try to make do with what I have!)