Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#11 - Autumn

Today was the first day of Autumn, although you wouldn't know it, as it was 35 degrees Celsius (that's 95F - HOT!). This seemed like an appropriately Autumnal outfit:Maybe someday I'll get used to being in photos, but for the moment I still feel really awkward and have no idea how to pose! I think I'm always going to prefer being the photographer rather than the subject of the photo.

These lovely leafy shoes are from Poetic Licence. They're uncomfortable, but they're so cute, and they're the kind of shoes that people really notice.


  1. I know what you mean about taking pictures, I feel so ridiculous. But you look great :)
    I love your choice of footwear, it's so fun! The color of the shoes is beautiful, I'd definitely notice if I saw them around.

  2. Thanks for that! I love shoes that are colourful and a bit different. When you're wearing shoes like this, they really help to brighten up your day :)