Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#12 - Plastic

I haven't been feeling the best this week, so I thought that wearing some blue plastic shoes might cheer me up! I know plastic shoes aren't for everyone, and I have to say, I felt a bit like a comic book character wearing these today, but I love Melissa shoes. The main reason is that they are so comfortable! Not the heels so much, but my (several pairs of) Melissa flats are the most comfortable shoes I own.
Sometimes it's hard to know what to wear with crazy plastic shoes, so I stuck with a fairly simple outfit today. I have to admit that I took the cardigan off after taking these photos and didn't put it on again all day, as it was far too hot. I can't wait until it's cardigan weather, as my favourite outfit is a skirt/top/cardi combo. This one is from Hollister. Surprisingly, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister have really nice cardigans... And now that I've just gone and looked at their websites, I think I'm going to have to buy a few more!

I thought it was going to rain today, and plastic shoes are great in the rain, but it ended up being perfectly sunny. I hope I get a chance to wear some of my fabric shoes soon.


  1. I've got 3 pairs of Melissa. Love them. Why do you think you should wear them when it's raining?:)

  2. They're great shoes to wear in the rain, and even at the beach, because they don't get damaged at all - I wore some of my ultragirl flats in the ocean once, and they were totally fine :)