Monday, March 28, 2011

#32 - Shoe Sale!

There's nothing I like better than a good shoe sale, and when I saw this diet coke poster the other day, I thought it was very applicable to me and my shoe-buying mentality:
I went to look at shoes on my lunch break today, not intending to buy any. But then I saw that they were having a shoe sale at Myer. I'd been looking at a pair of shoes there for a while, but they were $179 and I didn't like them that much. Today I saw that due to huge 50% sales they'd been having, they were reduced to $99, and then to 50% off the already reduced price. I couldn't pass them up. But when I went to buy them, I found that they were only $29! I was expecting to pay about $50. I feel like I got a great bargain today, and they're really cute shoes (unfortunately it was dark by the time I got around to taking a photo of them, so it didn't turn out well. I'm sure I'll end up wearing them soon though!)

Taking photos for the shoe challenge is making me realise how many clothes I have. I haven't worn the same thing since it started, and I still seem to have plenty of outfits to get through.
The story of the shoes I'm wearing today is that they were once chewed by my ex-boyfriend's brother's dog in Hong Kong, right before I had to wear them to a wedding. I was telling this to my friend at work today, and she was surprised that I was still wearing them, considering how many other shoes I own. The little terrier teeth marks aren't really visible when I'm wearing them, and I do want to keep these shoes, so in the spirit of the shoe challenge, I'm even wearing dog-chewed shoes.
Although I like shoes, I don't like feet. So taking photos of my feet in shoes freaks me out a little bit. Also, I'm pretty sure that this nail polish does nothing for my skin colour. I'm better off sticking to pinks rather than orange-type colours, I think.


  1. Great commercial! I haven't seen it here in Germany, but it applies to me just as much :) Love the new shoes and the dog-chewed ones too (as long as it's not visible at first sight there's no reason not to wear them I think...) but I absolutely adore your skirt!

  2. What a bargain for those shoes! I tried them on when I found them in Myer last year and wanted them for my birthday shoes but they didn't suit me...and just as well for the price. Can't wait to see you rocking them =]

  3. Urgh I hate feet too! Perhaps feet haters buy pretty shoes to offset the awfulness of feet?

  4. Lauren, I wasn't totally sure about these shoes when I tried them on either - they just looked a bit different than I expected - but they are pretty shoes, and the price was so good I couldn't help but buy them :)