Monday, March 14, 2011

#21 - Flora

Today's outfit was fairly simple, but I love to wear white - it always feels so Summery! As it was a Monday, and I was not too keen on going back to work, I decided some super fantastic shoes (as the Manolo would say) were needed today...
These Gucci shoes are probably some of the prettiest ones I own. The first time I wore them to work, my assistant took a photo of them so he could show his girlfriend. I see a lot of flowery shoes, and in fact when I am searching for shoes online, I usually look for multi-coloured ones. But these are more special than most. I only learned recently that the Gucci Flora print was actually designed for Princess Grace. It makes sense when you see it, as it really is lovely. My sister came back from the UK today, and she bought me these beautiful Ted Baker shoes that I'd been admiring on Asos for a while. For some reason (maybe just to spite me), Asos decided that they would send these shoes anywhere except Australia (and NZ), so I wasn't able to order them! But my lovely sister managed to go to an Office store and find them for me.
I can't wait to wear them! I just need to find the right outfit...


  1. They are amazing:) I love red shoes so much! And those ribbons... Ohhhhhh!

  2. These shoes are so beautiful! I'm a little bit jealous... :)

  3. I love your Guccis - sooo pretty. Your Teds are lovely too. I love that store. Well done on the momentum on the challenge. I'm pathetic in comparison.

  4. Thanks so much, fashpiracje and Siel! They are really amazing shoes, and I'm so glad I could get them. They are still available online at Asos, Office, and Ted Baker's site :)

    Thanks Ali! I have been getting through a lot of shoes, but I'm sure I'll lose momentum as the challenge goes on, so I'm trying to get as many pairs as possible out of the way at the beginning!