Sunday, March 13, 2011

#20 - Haircut

I got my hair cut today, and as always, there were good and bad things about this. I never like sitting around at the hairdresser's for hours on end, but I do like catching up on my celebrity gossip & music (reading magazines & watching music videos), and it's always a good feeling to have newly cut and coloured hair.
I own at least 8 grey dresses, which surprises me, as I don't even like grey (most of the dresses aren't as boring as they sound, though!).
These shoes are from Guess. I thought they might be good daily walking shoes (I wear heels most days, but I try to limit how much I wear them for walking, so I change into flats walking to & from work & the bus), but they're cracking and starting to fall apart already. I only bought them in October when I was in Canada, and I've hardly worn them! Nemo is always so photogenic. I wish he'd tell me his secret!


  1. The little stars on the shoe are so cute! Why are they falling apart already? That's weird, at least for a pair from Guess, they usually are good quality.
    Ps. love your dress.

  2. I love the way you always look so put-together and perfect, all your outfits are just adorable <3

  3. Thanks Aline! I bought the shoes because I liked the stars. I don't know why they haven't lasted well... It is unusual, as I have a couple of pairs of Guess shoes that have lasted a lot better.

    Thanks so much, Rai! I don't always feel put-together, but hopefully I might look better than I feel!