Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#28 & #29 - Businesslike

I felt like this was a rather boring outfit yesterday, but then I went to a meeting and all of the ladies there were wearing black shoes. I think black shoes are okay in moderation, but wearing plain black court shoes to work all the time must be so boring!These photos aren't too great, but my skirt and cardigan are actually navy, not black. These shoes are from Enzo Angiolini, and they're so pretty, but so uncomfortable! I hadn't worn them before, and I think they'll take some getting used to.
Today's outfit was a new dress and belt that I bought yesterday on impulse. I have to admit, I kind of had buyer's remorse afterwards. I bought the dress more because I wanted to buy something, rather than because I loved it, and I can't really afford to be doing that (not with there being so many clothes I do love out there in stores!). Although the style is a bit unusual, with the cowl neck, it's growing on me.My shoes are from Betsey Johnson. For a long time I had nothing to wear them with, but I seem to have acquired a few clothing items in maroon/burgundy now.

I bought two dresses today. I've definitely been shopping too much lately - I think I need an intervention. Dresses seem to be overtaking shoes in my closet...


  1. I really love your shoes:) It's very romantic and subtle collection!

  2. I just love all your shoes! You look so nice every day.

  3. I love both shoes, but I really love the plaid dress, it looks great on you. :)