Sunday, March 27, 2011

#30 & #31 - Lace & Lightning

I haven't posted as much over the past few days, as I'm getting through so many shoes and I probably need to slow down a bit, or I'll finish my shoe challenge in half a year! I was expecting to buy a lot more shoes this year, but I actually haven't been buying many lately. I've been getting a lot of clothes instead, and I've been planning my outfits based on dresses rather than shoes too, so I still haven't worn a lot of my best shoes. I bought this dress from a store I'd never been to before. When I see a new store, I am never too sure whether it's a place I want to shop at or not. It's easy enough to work out things like price and quality, but style can sometimes be more difficult. When I went to this store today, there were a lot of women older than me there, and it made me wonder whether it was more a store for older people. Anyway, I found some clothes I liked, and ended up buying 2 dresses. (I guess I have a more conservative style than a lot of people my age).These are more Melissa shoes - I really do love my Melissas, and I wear them all the time. These ones are plastic but have lace on the inside, so they're still waterproof on the outside. They're clear and you can see through them (to an extent), which makes them interesting, I think. On Friday, I went out with friends after work, and we had drinks & saw a French movie as part of a French film festival that's on here at the moment.

People always tell me how well my dress and shoes match, although I don't think these ones match perfectly at all! They are from Betsey Johnson, and they're really cute. They're not terribly uncomfortable, but I did a lot of walking in them on Friday night and so I'm trying to give my poor feet a couple of days to recover!
I've had a rather lazy weekend, but I'm going out to see the Foo Fighters tonight. I have no idea what people wear to outdoor concerts these days, but I'm hoping my sister can find something for me!


  1. Love those blue Betsey Johnsons!!! And to me it does look like they match very well with your dress, but I can understand what you mean, sometimes I can go a bit matchy matchy freak as well. :)

  2. I definitely have an obsession with matching things - I think I go a bit overboard with it sometimes! I'm trying to be a bit more relaxed with matching these days :)