Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#22 - Puppy shoes

My day today was kind of 'blah', for lack of a better word. Nothing particularly bad happened, but nothing good did, either. I thought I was going to have to go to a seminar, so I made sure to dress conservatively, but I didn't end up going in the end. While I do believe in being yourself and not conforming for anyone else's sake, if I'm going to a work conference where everyone else is going to be wearing black suits, I don't feel too comfortable standing out, so I will dress a bit differently than usual - but it's for me, not for them!
Today's shoes are from Irregular Choice, and if they look too big, that's because they are! I just can't work out the sizing for this brand. I have another similar pair of Irregular Choice shoes that are only slightly too big, but these ones, in the same size, feel a whole size too big. I think they're made for people with very wide feet, as seems to happen with a lot of the shoes I get from the UK, which is strange! Anyway, they're cute, so I put insoles & heel grips in, and I'm determined to wear them anyway.
I think mismatching shoes like these are cute and quirky, but wearing two completely different shoes, Helena Bonham Carter style, is probably not such a good idea!
My outfits this week have felt quite dull, so I'm going to be wearing some COLOUR tomorrow!

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