Thursday, March 17, 2011

#24 - More coral

Today was the last day of the working week for me, as I'm having the day off tomorrow! I haven't had a day off work in so long that I don't think I'll know what to do with myself. Maybe I should rearrange my closet, as it doesn't help having clothes all over the floor when I'm deciding what to wear in the mornings...
I wore this dress for the first time today, and I really love it. It's great when you find a dress that's in a nice style and fits well. I think one of the reasons why I never used to wear dresses is that the fit can so easily be wrong, and I found it hard to buy dresses that I really liked and that fit well. I don't seem to have that problem anymore, but maybe that's just because fifties style dresses are my favourites, and they're a lot more popular these days.

My shoes are from Basque, and they always seem to attract attention for being so brightly coloured. I noticed that there is a dark scuff mark on one of them, and I'm not too sure how to clean patent shoes, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
Everything I do at the moment feels so trivial compared to what's going on in Japan. It's strange how life goes on everywhere else as if nothing has changed, yet there's not an hour that goes by when I don't think about the people of Japan, and hope that things don't get any worse for them. It's been such a difficult year for so many people around the world already. I only hope things will get better from now on.


  1. Darling dress! I like the coral with it, it adds something a bit different.

    I'm also loving the 50s vibe in the stores at the moment. And just think, when it isn't cool anymore all the gorgeous tea dresses will be on sale and people like you and me can grab them!

  2. Thanks Kerry! I do hope you're right about the potential future sales :) I'm very thankful for Mad Men, and the fact that it's made 50s style clothes popular again, even if it won't last forever.

  3. This dress is so adorable, I love the colours and the print...where do you get all these beautiful dresses??
    But I have to agree with you on Japan. It kept me from posting about fashion for some days as well and I'm still worried about the reactor. They still say they don't know what will happen on the news...

  4. Thank you! Most of my clothes are from Australian brands (partly because we don't have a lot of international brand stores here, but we do have a lot of great local brands), and I've been meaning to do a post about some of my favourite clothes stores.

    I hope your friends in Japan are all doing well. It must be hard for everyone there at the moment. I'm not sure if the situation with the nuclear reactor has improved, or if we're just not hearing as much news about it anymore, but I hope things are starting to settle down there now.

  5. I would love to see a post about those Australian brands! Seeing your dresses has made my mom and me want to go there just for shopping....